Feng Shui can help you diagnose how life problems may be impacted by the structure or location of your stairways. In my experience as a feng shui Adviser, stairways always tell a story about family life and issues. Now we illustrate the most common situations. We enter through the front door and stairs go up into the second floor. Chances are, we encounter a split vision; our left eye faces the stairs up and down, our right eye looks down the hallway toward the back of the home. In classic feng shui interpretations this may cause divisive problems and conflicts among family members. A stairway facing the front door generates falling energy that is often associated with money flowing out too quickly and energy levels falling.

Feng shui recommends adjusting This struggle with the rising energy of the wood component, a tall plant in the foot and on the side of the staircase; paintings or pictures of plant, i.e., best are trees, which may be hung along the side wall of the staircase. A light fixture, e.g., a chandelier at the peak of the staircase will be visually appealing and will create rising energy of the fire element. The split vision challenge may be Addressed by developing a visual impact that will capture the attention. A mobile hanging from the ceiling would create gently moving energy and be visually appealing. A square rug in the entrance foyer Will anchor the distance and supply a visual resting place.

Stairways in the Middle of the house

Stairs in the Middle will Invariably create health problems since they are in the health sector of the Barua. Cures feng shui consultation will be dependent on the structure of the stairwell. Or, in a worst case scenario, is it a spiral staircase that is emblematic of a cork screw boring down. Cures will need to be set up according to personal needs or problems of the occupants. Open treads appear to cause instability. I experience that my pet Chihuahuas are very careful and fearful of stairs with open treads or need to go down or up. Animal behaviour will often show us where the risks are. Our primary concern about stairways is safety. If there are small children in the home, a gate on top of the staircase will stop a child from accidentally tumbling down.